Alex Lueth's
Functional Hypertrophy

  • Transform Rapidly: 6 weeks to a powerful, aesthetic body.
  • Elevate Performance: Boost health, mobility, and metabolism.
  • Expert Guidance: Proven workouts by a Kinesiology expert.
  • Unleash Potential: Build muscle, burn fat, and excel in life.
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Discover the Power of a Science-Backed Fitness Plan

Many people struggle to forge their dream body, not because they lack dedication, but because they don’t walk into the gym with a proven science-backed plan.

Random workouts and inconsistent routines simply won’t cut it when it comes to achieving powerful, lasting results.

That’s where the Functional Hypertrophy program comes in – a unique approach that combines muscle-building and athletic fundamentals, backed by scientific research and proven techniques.

With my program, you will:

  1. Experience powerful, aesthetic results driven by a science-backed, 6-week plan
  2. Eliminate the guesswork and follow a tailored program designed for success
  3. Benefit from expert guidance backed by 15 years of personal training experience and a Kinesiology degree
  4. Access exclusive training videos and personal notes to maximize your progress and support your journey

Get ready to unlock your full potential with a program that equips you with the right tools, knowledge, and structure for success.


Designed for Your Success

Benefit from 9 diverse, time-efficient workouts crafted by a 15-year personal training veteran with a degree in Kinesiology, and master techniques with included demonstration videos.


For Driven Individuals

Ideal for those seeking to enhance muscle growth, burn fat, improve sport performance, and age better. Get ready to put in the work, and see changes in muscle tone and definition within weeks!

Everything You Need, In One App.

✅ Exclusive training videos with step-by-step guidance

✅ Access to my in-depth personal training notes

✅ Convenient progress photo uploader to track your transformation

✅ Expert tips and tricks for maximizing results

✅ Customizable workout planner for your unique needs

✅ In-app community support and motivation

Meet Your Coach

Alex Lueth

Meet your coach, Alex Lueth – a dedicated fitness expert with over 15 years of experience in personal training. Holding a degree in Kinesiology from Western Washington University and a former CSCS certification, Alex is passionate about helping individuals transform their bodies, elevate their performance, and live healthier lives. His unique Functional Hypertrophy program combines muscle-building and athletic fundamentals to deliver powerful results in just 6 weeks. Join Alex on this transformative journey and unleash your full potential.

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  • Tailored program designed for success
  • Expert guidance
  • Exclusive training videos and personal notes

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